A leading high-end women’s clothing chain, Caché approached BR Design to design their five-floor, 75,000 square foot headquarters in the heart of New York’s Garment District. The vision for this space was to evoke the shopping experience of being in the chain’s flagship store on the Upper East Side. From marble accents, gold sheer curtains and wood paneling to gold-painted ceilings featured at the store, these details were incorporated into the new office to add softness, elegance and comfort to the hustle and bustle of the workplace. The final result is a playful contrast between front-of house and back-of-house with private offices, open workstations and conference rooms outfitted in utilitarian modernity. A unified palette of furnishings and architectural details marry the offices with neutral tones and light painted walls that lend a gallery-like feel to the space. By contrast, the cafe area serves as a multifunctional space with elements of soft lighting and stylish furnishings to create an ideal environment to hold gatherings and presentations.