Greenwich Residence

The Greenwich Residence, a 1960’s retro single-family home with modern needs, challenged the BR Design team to revamp the interior while also preserving the original character of its foundational wood structure. The request included modernizing plumbing, introducing an open concept to the first floor, and transforming the second floor with a luxe master suite. BR Design worked closely with the family to develop a design concept that highlighted the first floor’s two-story entry and airy dining room by opening up the kitchen and adding a wine room for entertaining. The second floor received exceptional attention with a modern cable-strung stair, elevated walkway and mezzanine with master suite replete with a new bedroom, bathroom, and dressing area. The resulting space was modern yet timeless, artfully blended with new construction in wood, stone, tile and glass and accented with custom light fixtures. The family’s collection of modern art and mid-century furnishings provided the final touch to create a balance of warmth, modernity and style to their new home.