High Line Residence

This new residence sits hard against the new Highline Park on the West Side of Manhattan. The residence is comprised of 3 bedrooms, including a spacious master suite, a custom open kitchen and a large open area comprising the living room and dining functions, with full height walls of glass offering views to the north and south over the original Highline tracks.

Originally the far wall of the living/dining room had a variety of different elements punctuating the wall’s surface; a fireplace, vertical AC registers, a slot window, etc., with no real pattern or relationship. To unify the randomness, a sculptural blackened steel wall was designed which creates a strong cohesive focal point and incorporates the flat screen TV, lighting, AC and speakers.

In the dining area the custom walnut slab dining room table sits under a chandelier from Lindsey Adelman, surrounded by dining chairs from Mark Albrecht. When needed the motorized window shades can be lowered to provide privacy and a sense of enclosure, blocking out the views of curious passerbys’ on the elevated Highline.